Global Payment Solution

Reel Pay is a world-first, mobile-first, global payment solution with seamless integration of fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Reel Pay is the easy transition for everyone moving from the real world to the digital world, from fiat to cryptocurrency. Live easily, in both worlds at once, with Reel Pay.

Reel Star is the first mobile application to fully integrate the Reel Pay wallet.

Our Commitment

To provide the most cost effective and convenient payment solutions for everyone.

Complete Online
Payment System
(Fiat & Cryptocurrency)

International Fund


Digital Wallet
(Fiat & Cryptocurrency)

Full Merchant
(Fiat & Cryptocurrency)

International Digital,
Physical, and
Tap-to-Pay Capability
(Fiat & Cryptocurrency)

Core features

  • Ability to seamlessly store & use both Fiat and/or Cryptocurrency
  • Currency exchange (Fiat & Cryptocurrency)
  • P2P transfers
  • QR code payments
  • Safe, secure, encrypted
  • Biometric authentication options
  • iOS, Android and Web access
  • API Middleware and Partner Ecosystem
  • Advanced security, audit and compliance tools

Coming soon

  • Metaverse/Omniverse access
Technology Partners

    Coming Soon...